From time to timeless

We want to say how  human beings can reach to timeless from having time.


If anyone finds out this issue and works on this topic,  he will receive all the rewards of Paradise before he goes to Paradise. This word is very hard. 

A narration  from Amir AL _Moumenin ( the commander of the faithfuls) (P.B.U.H.):  He sent a letter to the Egyptian people that Paradise is such like and so it is.

Whoever goes and says, I want such Paradise.Hazrat says that there is such Paradise for you. Hazrat says that the heavens are made by human beings themselves.


اگر سوال و يا اشکالي در زمینه " From time to timeless " و يا هر زمينه تحصيلي داريد ،
از خط ثابت با شماره 70705003-021 (از هر نقطه ايران) تماس بگيريد
در صورت مشکل در برقراري تماس به سايت ميهن مشاور مراجعه کنيد

مشاوره تلفنی تحصیلی میهن مشاور



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