Act and time

This point is completely rational that for each action a preliminary is required.

 Hazrat Fatima (P.B.U.H.) expresses with Tahay_ye_an (preparing) Estad_da (wearing a cloack) and for the continuity of action until it reaches to the conclusion Hazrat Fatima (P.B.U.H.) expresses it with Aad' da (providing) and Tab'ba (preparing).

The preconditions that are required to perform an act are typically hidden and far from sight but the actions that take place to continue the act are clear and obvious. 

Whatever the act gets closer to the result the actions become clearer.

 This fact itself tells us that action takes place in the continuum of time. That is, there is definitely a flow of time. We say this process is the process of time. But when it comes to action,  time is removed.  This action itself is in the continuum of time. It starts with time and its process is from _ to.

But when it comes to action, that is the will and time is removed. 

For example,  you tell someone to solve the mathematical question. First he must think and find formulate but after a while,  he faces with this math question,  it  takes no longer  time to solve the question.

 So any process has no time.


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